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DBN Lubricant, $5 including shipping
Approved By Aaron Alexander for use in Merlin, Viking and Excalibur markers,
Equivalent to AKA Extreme Lube at less cost.

V 2.0 Hater Sauce, $16.50 $11.50 including shipping
Hater Sauce v2.0 ** EXTRA LARGE **
New v2.0 formula.
NEW Packaging! Less waste and chance of contamination!!
* Lower coefficient of friction compared to the original Hater Sauce. Hater Sauce v2.0 surpasses the "slickness" of any lubricant used in paintball markers today. In most markers, the user can dramatically reduce the LPR pressure of their marker when using Hater Sauce WITHOUT dropoff! Such a reduction in LPR pressure greatly reduces kick of the marker which allows a more stable marker setup.
* Added stabilizers prevent Hater Sauce from hardening even in the harshest conditions.
* New packaging!
* New GREEN color.
* Stays Where You Put It - Hater Sauce does not become runny, which means the user has to lube their markers less often!
* Designed Specifically for the sport of Paintball - Hater Sauce is the only lubricant designed to meet the demands of today’s high performance paintball markers in all climates and conditions. Massive container! 50% more than the smaller size! Lasts more than a year for the serious paintballer!

For a limited time I am giving away 3 stickers of your choice with every container of Hater Sauce sold! Stickers are 4.25" long, 1 3/8" tall and are only available with the purchase of Hater Sauce.



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